Our Research Goals

Molecular recognition in proteins enable vital cellular functions such as cell signaling, through protein- protein interactions. Taking inspiration from nature, we have developed novel comprehensive macrocyclic libraries composed of amino acids and amino acid like small molecules. We aim to harness the power of molecular recognition by peptidic and peptidomimetic macrocycles to address a diverse set of problems in human health and energy.


About Us

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Lab news

  • Read our published article in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design at https://www.sciforschenonline.org/journals/medicinal-chemistry-drug-design/JMCDD-1-110.php

  • Nag lab welcomes Ariane Borges!

  • Congratulations to Anny, Rene and Dylan for acceptance of their manuscript to Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design!

  • Congratulations to Dylan and Molly on successfully presenting their summer research at the Clark Summer Scholarship Workshop!

  • Congratulations to Ailin for being the Bickman Summer Research Fellowship awardee!


Contact information

Arundhati Nag, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Carlson School of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Clark University
950 Main St.
Worcester, MA 01610
Email: anag@clarku.edu

The Nag Lab is looking for prospective graduate students. Interested candidates please send your CV, a brief statement (within one page) summarizing your research background and research interests, and three letters of recommendation to anag@clarku.edu

 Undergraduate students interested in learning more about our research and pursuing research in the Nag laboratory please contact anag@clarku.edu.